v/ Line Brink-Jensen
Cand. mag. i musikterapi

Below are quotes from clients about their experiences of attending music therapy; about listening, to music and playing together with me (my translation on the five top ones).


"Are we going to listen to music? I get so clean on the inside - you can push away the bad things!"

"My experiences are taken away from me, but I get them back in the music."

"I love to play music! It's better than smoking hash and drinking beer."

"When you're sick it's good to be able to bring music into your life. It's a way of focusing on something other than sickness. It's difficult to explain but I find peace and safety in it. On a bad day music can make you a new person."

"Music therapy brings happiness and energy. I can relax and I'm confident that you can help me. It can make the psychosis go away, sometimes I'm psychotic when I arrive and I feel well afterwards. Body and mind are better connected after music therapy."

"I'm sure you bring people a lot of pleasure with that guitar and that beautiful voice of yours, there's nothing like music to cheer you up and make you smile." Sister Madeleine, 110 years old, Australia.