Line Brink-Jensen
Master in music therapy


Music weakens us in a way that makes us feel strong - that is fundamental to me. During my years of playing in bands and using music for different occasions, I have often wished to combine the use of music with my work with people.

That is what I do now!

I obtained my Master's Degree in Music Therapy from Aalborg University in 2010, and in 2013, I finished a complimentary education of becoming a GIM[1]-therapist. My experience with music therapy is based on work with different client groups during the past 6 years. These groups include;


  • Babies and kindergarten children
  • Children and youths with autism and ADHD
  • Children born deafblind
  • Children and youths with bonding- and relation difficulties
  • Young adults and adults within the field of social psychiatry and psychiatry
  • Clients with significantly reduced physical and mental development
  • Seniors in elderly homes, such as elders with dementia

For information about how I work with the individual clientele please refer to Examples.

In 2009 I co-organized the sixth Nordic conference for music therapy and spent part of 2010 promoting music therapy in Spain. Through presentations and workshops I continued this promotion in Denmark during 2011, while building up my own company.

For additional information regarding music therapy and the education for music therapy, please go to my Links page.

[1] GIM - Guided Imagery and Music - is a psychotherapeutictreatment method. For additional information please go to Music therapy.